How to Order






  • 通常ご注文を頂いてから2~5日程かかります。
  • 在庫が切れている場合はメール、またはお電話にてご連絡いたします。
  • 土・日・祝祭日にご注文いただいた場合は翌営業日の商品発送になります。



  • 不良品 (汚れ、ほつれ、傷など) は交換いたします。
  • 運送中の事故の場合運送会社の保障にて対応いたします。


  • HAKUÏの商品は、そのほとんどが男女兼用サイズとなっております。
  • 女性の場合、普段お召しになられているサイズだと大きい場合があります。
  • サイズ表示の数字は出来上がり寸法を掲載しておりますのでご購入の際には再度サイズのご確認をされることをお勧めいたします。

How to Order

About us

  • Seven Uniform Co., Ltd.
    2-3-4, Nihonbashi Kakigara-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-0014 Japan
    (We are the largest manufacturer and supplier of uniforms in Japan for all hospitality industries.)
  • Operation director : Toshiyuki Aida

Order Information

  • Overseas customers who want to order our merchandise are requested to send E-mail to us at:
    Please include your full name, shipping address, telephone number, the item codes of merchandise, sizes, quantity and preferred payment method. We will then reply by e-mail regarding merchandise availability, the total amount of purchase with postage cost, shipping company (optional; in case there is particular preference) and payment details. Please select your preferred payment method from below.
  • 1. Paypal

    about Paypal
  • 2. Advance payment by bank wire transfer

    We only accept payment in Japanese yen. The customer is responsible for paying the handling fee (transfer commission) .
    After we confirm the payment, we will ship your order.

Shipment Information

  • Orders are shipped from our warehouse in Tokyo, Japan. We determine the most efficient shipping carrier. We usually send merchandise by EMS (Japan Postal Service), but based on order size and destination. We will track your shipment for you and also email you a tracking number which can be used on the EMS website-
  • Japan Post
    Most orders will be shipped within 3 working days subject to credit clearance, address verification and availability of items. We will contact you if there is a delay or items are out of stock. Any import duty or tax in the country of destination is the responsibility of the customer.

Return & Exchange

  • We do not accept any return or exchange of International shipments.

Additional Work

  • If you need larger size than our usual sizes, embroidery, or have any other special request, please e-mail us your requirements in detail.
    We'll inform you about prices.